What to Cook When You’re Expecting

I’m expecting to give birth in the next couple weeks, so I have really kicked the cooking into high gear lately.  I feel fortunate to have the time to stock my freezer with some of my favorite foods and try a new dish or two as well.

So far I have made my father’s sugo bolognese (for only true lovers of meat).  I have already declared that it’s not as good as dad’s, but I know I couldn’t have gone too far wrong with it.  I also made meatballs and sauce.  You can’t go wrong there.  There are some individually wrapped frozen burritos somewhere in the freezer.  I kept it simple – beans, rice, seasoned pork and cheese.  After leaving Chuck to fend for lunch on his own a couple weeks ago, he has declared that they are a success.

My friend Jamaica brought us some delicious squash and portabella lasagna.  I know it’s delicious because I already ate some.  Shhh!  I hadn’t thought of putting portabellas in in lasagna, but this was a real winner of a dish.  I can hardly wait until I can eat it again!

My mother is making carnitas and enchiladas.  They were on my list to make, but I would just be using mom’s recipes, so her contribution is more than welcome.

A few days ago I made 50 gyoza – 25 chicken and shrimp and 25 chicken, pork and chive.

I was planning to make manicotti.  I made the pasta rounds for it, but this was my first attempt at “mannigot,” as Chuck calls it.  Growing up in a big Italian family full of fantastic cooks, I can’t really see how I could go astray with this, so  I’m not worried.  Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, the manicotti is going to have to wait a while, but I have some of the components waiting in the freezer.

And with that, my freezer will be pretty full.  And I will keep waiting for my baby.  Impatiently.

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  1. how could you grow up in a big italian family and not know manicotti is pronounced “mon-ih-güt”??

    also, capicola = “gob-uh-gool”


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