The first meal I cooked after coming home from the hospital with my son was inspired by local fiddleheads.  It was ambitious to make dinner from scratch, but we had dough all made in the freezer, which was a huge help.  We didn’t eat until about 10pm, but it was so worth the wait.

I started with a basil olive oil base.  Plenty of sliced garlic too.  Then I added toasted pine nuts and asiago, making a sort of deconstructed pesto.

Then came the toppings: fiddleheads (blanched first), artichoke hearts (frozen, then heated on the stove to get some moisture out), goat cheese, and mozzarella.  Chuck had the brilliant idea to par-bake the crust, and while he wishes it had risen a bit, I enjoyed thin-crust style for a change.

The Verdict: A Rousing Success


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