A New Life

I recently left my job, and I now have a LOT of time to cook.  I have eschewed the “Meals-in-30-Minutes” trends and embraced a long drawn-out affair with ingredients and knife work.  Dinner prep has turned into a glorious 2-3 hour affair.  Not everyone’s dream, I know.  But it’s mine, and I’m living it.  Chuck often rolls his eyes as I start preparations for an 8pm meal at 4:30.  While his eyes head skyward, I think I see him licking his lips.

I also have a decent garden space now, so much of what I cook later in the summer will truly be a labor of love.  Seeds to Supper.  I have already successfully grown a couple kinds of lettuce and spinach, but most of my crops won’t be ready for quite a while.  In the meantime, I have plenty of farmer’s markets and a generous, green-thumbed mother-in-law to keep me supplied.

I’ll try to keep up with blogging, but every minute I’m writing is a minute I’m not cooking or gardening, so we’ll see.

One Reply to “A New Life”

  1. i’m totally with you on the long drawn-out meal prep. if i start cooking at 5, we’re probably not eating til about 11. but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

    i think my major problem is that i’m not really quick enough with the knife yet. but i’m getting better. the more minor problem is that the things i usually cook (spaghetti sauce, soup, stew, chowder, etc.) take several hours to simmer to their best possible texture. but i really don’t mind. i love cooking. and stirring. and waiting… while bathing in delicious aromas. =)

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