Stuffed Tomatoes

I try to have a pretty varied lunch selection throughout the week, and sometimes that means using leftovers.  Here is a particularly successful creation.

I started with orzo that I had used as a side dish for grilled lamb and minty beet carrot salad (not my favorite).  I cooked the orzo and added some olive oil, kalamata olives, green pepper and feta.  So a couple days later, it didn’t seem like such a jump to add a couple more veggies, keeping the mediterranean flavors but enhancing it a bit.  And then I hollowed out a couple tomatoes, put some sharp provolone in the tomato cavities, along with some breadcrumbs to soak up the juices and put them in the oven for a few minutes.  Once they were softened, I put them on a bed of mesclun greens and filled them with the orzo salad, letting the extra salad overflow onto the greens.  It was a beautiful and delicious presentation.  A pretty perfect lunch.

The only thing I will do differently next time is take a photo.