Rye Bread 2 Elizabeth 0

Last night I made my classic mistake.  The one I’ve made, oh, say 8 times.  I don’t learn too quickly.  As I allow bread to rise, I usually keep it in the oven.  It’s the most draft-free place I can think of (it also keeps my cats out of things, and yes, they do enjoy bread).  There is the added benefit of keeping the oven slightly warm.  So I turn it on for a couple minutes while the bowl is in there.  But I often forget to turn it off.  I start doing other things and before I know it, there is the smell of melted plastic.  Saran wrap melting onto the bowl, into the dough.  It is a smell I know all too well.  Again and again and again I do this.

Last night’s stupidity was not treated gracefully or humorously.  It was met with a lot of profanity and self-flagellation.  And then I started my rye.  Again.