I’m Back and Cooking!

I’m back from a hiatus and ready to cook! For the last two weeks, no one has allowed me to lift a finger in the kitchen. The closest I came was standing next to a grill while my father tended to potatoes and a delicious pork tenderloin. Yum! But being a bystander isn’t my thing. At least not in the kitchen.

We picked up the farm share tonight, and boy have things on the farm changed in the last few weeks! Gone is the lettuce and abundance of leafy greens. Hello corn! Welcome garlic! Greetings green beans! And yellow beans. And purple beans.
I wasn’t home 5 minutes before I had the zucchini and summer squash chopped and in a bowl. I tossed them with olive oil, a dash of lemon juice, fresh parsley, salt and pepper. While that was grilling (thanks to my handy sous chef), I made some couscous. Just regular old couscous, boiling water and a small pat of butter. Nothing fancy. Tossed it with the veggies, added a touch more olive oil and some feta cheese. Voila! A delicious one-dish dinner in about 15 minutes.
A few notes on variations of this dish: 1. Great served warm, at room temperature or chilled on a sultry summer evening; 2. Adding toasted pine nuts would certainly add some complexity; 3. The grilled squashes alone would be a delightful side dish.

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  1. Sounds delicious! For some reason, I always forget about cous cous and stick to rice, quinoa, pasta. I'm going to try this one. Glad you're back!

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