Adventures in Carbonation

So I haven’t really been doing much fun stuff in the kitchen.  I’m about 6 months pregnant, and I just don’t feel like cooking.  My mother-in-law says she had an aversion to the smell of bacon when she was pregnant.  Well, I seem to have an aversion to cooking.  I still do it, but it’s rarely inspired, and it’s certainly nothing to share with the world.  I can only hope that my passion returns in a few months (when my time is otherwise occupied, of course!).

There is, however, something new and exciting happening in my kitchen: Carbonation!  You may have seen carbonation systems, most commonly one called the SodaStream.  Well, my creative husband decided to build me a carbonation system for Christmas, and it’s really really fun!  His primary motivation behind this DIY project was basically dedication to flexible, open source usage.  You see, with the store-bought systems, you have to use certain bottles and you void your warranty if you get too creative in your choice of beverages to carbonate.  My system may not be pretty, but Chuck is excited about the prospect of carbonating ANYTHING!  I am more enthusiastic about creating flavors than carbonating things like iced tea or coffee this summer.  And so I’ll be posting my trials here.  I’ve got some clementine syrup cooling in the kitchen right now!

Forced Carbonation System

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  1. ahoy hoy.. Just a word of caution – be sure to replace the bottle you use for carbonation fairly regularly. There is a lot of pressure on the plastic when the CO2 is pumped into the container which is one of the reasons that the bottles that come with SodaStream are not dish washer safe(heat can degrade the durability of plastic).
    So surely you want to avoid a plastic explosion in your face..

  2. Milk is the one thing we have been told NOT to try…intriguing. I’m excited to try margaritas this summer.

  3. hmm.. i wonder if you leave your beer over night and it goes flat…

    Can you turn wine into champagne or lambrusco?

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